The Power Behind Your Words

The Power Behind Your Words

In the third grade, I was a sassy little know-it-all. I flaunted my intellectual prowess over the other students like a lord over his plebeians. I honestly don’t think I meant to be so elitist, I just hadn’t learned to reign in my enthusiasm. But there was one girl—let’s call her Tonya—who was about to call me out on it.  Continue reading “The Power Behind Your Words”

The Woman Who Inspired The Name

December 7, 1941. FDR forever branded that day as a “date which will live in infamy.” The attack by Japanese air squadrons on the U.S. was sudden. Shocking. Our nation was left stunned and wholly unprepared.

Sixty years later, 9/11 happened and history seemingly repeated itself, leaving us once again in a state of horror and shock.

Then, nine years later, my own personal date of infamy struck.  Continue reading “The Woman Who Inspired The Name”