Hi, I’m Sarah — mother of two, wife to one amazing guy, and lover of music, words, and all things caffeinated. I’m also a pretty big foodie, but spoiler alert: this blog has nothing to do with food.

It began as an ode to my mom, who would often ask me to make a fast-food run for us and then shout out these parting words to me as I ran out the door: “Don’t forget to check for fries!” (that’s code for don’t pull away from the drive-thru window without making sure the entire order is there).

Mom was full of great advice. She was inspiring. And she was all about the details.

Check for fries is meant to be a reflection of some of those conversations with Mom—the ones we used to have over a hot cup of coffee on Saturday mornings. Conversations about faith, life, and everything in between.

I hope you’ll join us. The pot is full, there’s plenty of seats at the table, and much to talk about.